Since 1994, MORE Advantage’s Glenn Lippman believes that it takes a successful inventor to help a fellow inventor succeed.  As an award-winning inventor, author, national speaker, and owner of nine utility and method patents, Mr. Lippman understands exactly what is required to turn your most innovative ideas into income.

Over the past 35 years, Mr. Lippman has donated thousands of hours to various inventor groups, societies and corporations in the hopes of developing new successful inventors; helping inventors to invent products with value and providing inventors with an understanding of the business side of inventing.  In 1994, Mr. Lippman’s acumen in the fields of physics, engineering, patent law, licensing and product marketing led to the publication of his renowned Royalty Guide.  The Royalty Guide has become an invaluable reference resource to determine licensing royalty percentages.  The wide-spread popularity and acceptance led to its reference in numerous publications around the world, and together with years of helping inventors earned Mr. Lippman a global reputation for excellence in new product assessment, intellectual property management, product marketing, business development, licensing/licensing strategies and creating an organic and innovative profit driven product to market process.

MORE Advantage Client Sampling

As a result, MORE Advantage has amassed a lengthy list of satisfied corporate clients including Gates Rubber Company, Samsonite Corporation, Coors Brewing Company, W.L. Gore and Associates, Excalibur Associates, Novaseal Corporation, Lincare Pharmaceuticals, LotteryTool; Mom’s Famous, Inc., Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc., TouchSound Products and individual inventors and authors (through our publishing alternative) that continue to this day.

The inventing is the easy part of the equation.  How the invention is marketed is key.   MORE Advantage understands how the inventor works and has a keen ability to synergistically identify markets and get results for inventors seeking profitable gain from their inventions via new business opportunities utilizing media properties, products and services available today.

Our solutions are based on business strategy, marketing strategies, technology, creativity and innovativeness.  The result is More Advantage in today’s competitive market.