MORE Advantage’s clients vary from corporations to individual inventors. Since we sign a confidentiality agreement with all clients, our client list includes a few clients by type and service provided rather than the specifics of their invention or patented technology. Exceptions are noted when preauthorized.

Excalibur Associates, Inc. — Emergency management company. MORE Advantage re-engineered and packaged this client’s proprietary training method for emergency preparedness with an incentivized risk reduction insurance premium concept. A new entity was formed, as a licensee and managing general agency (MGA) associated with AIG to pursue a reduction in pollution liability insurance.

“Business moves at the speed of thought.”
Bill Gates, Chairman, Microsoft Corporation

Dr. William L. Steinmetz, Inventor of the LotteryTool, among others. Dr. Steinmetz is a consumate inventor who seems to invent new things monthly. MORE Advantage applied its patent strategy process and re-defined patent claims to broaden use and market opportunities for several of the client’s more recent inventions. MORE Advantage has also provided intellectual property management services including business development strategy, negotiated and designed manufacturing and sales agreements, manufactured tooling and production, industry positioning and operations management.  “Glenn possesses the ability to protect an inventor’s intellectual property and at the same time exploit opportunities to profit from it.  This unique combination makes Glenn the premier consultant in the area of IP rights and business development.”

“The Greatest Risk is Not Taking One.”
American International Group (AIG)

The Gates Rubber Company (Gates Corporation) — world recognized manufacturer of belts and hoses for the automotive market.  MORE Advantage provided a technology portfolio assessment of Gates’ nearly 300 patented technologies.  Report defined which technologies supported then current products, which technologies could be spun-off to form new ventures and which technologies have become obsolete.  Within months of MORE’s completion of this assessment, Tomkins Plc acquired client as a wholly owned subsidiary.  Second phase of the Gates project resulted in a spin-off license of one of Gates’ patented technologies in a non-competitive unrelated industry.  Licensing was negotiated and completed

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Qwest Communications

Sundstrand Fluid Handling (Hamilton-Sundstrand) — manufacturer of industrial pump and compressor products.  MORE Advantage applied its technology assessment service of a new motor design and assisted in patent claims enhancement for increased technology value.

“If it is patentable … I’ll find ways for you to make money from it.”
Glenn Lippman, President, MORE Advantage, Inc.

Samsonite Corporation — international brand and luggage manufacturer. MORE Advantage provided client with a limited technology portfolio assessment and included recommendations for Samsonite to pursue licensing opportunities with non-competitive unrelated industries.  Additional technology assessment services were provided as part of MORE’s patent strategy for claims enhancement on pre-patented technologies.

W.L. Gore & Associates — manufacturers of GORE-TEX branded Antistatic Workwear.  MORE Advantage completed negotiations resulting in a license for Gore’s use of client’s proprietary method to manufacture GORE-TEX branded gloves for the medical industry.

“Free Will is Freedom of Choice … All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to you.”  Gandalf, “Lord of the Rings”

Novaseal®-branded Fabric Welders — MORE Advantage developed international brand recognition first for licensee Novaseal Corporation, then for Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc. through an intensive Product Marketing program featuring White Papers and  Drip Marketing Automation.

Chuck Reaves.  MORE Advantage assisted this national Hall of Fame speaker and author with development of a web-based software product using client’s proprietary methods for closing sales together with MORE’s Patent & Prosper patented method for transforming intellectual capital into licensed intellectual property (publishing alternative).

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein

Coors Brewing Company — nationwide beer manufacturer.  As the result of a technology portfolio assessment, MORE Advantage negotiated and completed a beta site licensing arrangement with a non-competitive unrelated corporation for distribution of a filtration product.

Thomas T. Yanari, former Senior Vice President of Envestnet PMC and business consultant … “Glenn has a unique ability to synergistically combine science, marketing, sales, engineering, patent law and strategy.”

Lynn Fowlkes, LPN, LMT, Holistic Body Therapies (Deerfield Beach, Florida) … “I attended a lecture given by Mr. Lippman, and it was evident that he enjoys helping people attain their goals.  He held the attention of the most seasoned inventor and the novice.  I was inspired.”

A Florida inventor wishing to remain anonymous … “I have always depended on patent attorneys, however after hearing Glenn Lippman’s seminar on licensing and patent strategy, I now realize the distinction.  Through Glenn’s RoadMap product, he explains and clears a path through the invention chaos leading in a business/income result; whereas patent attorneys are limited just to the result of a patent.  Furthermore, Glenn helps the inventor creatively design claims that sell.  Mr. Lippman is far more comprehensive and complete in his approach.”