According to Glenn Lippman, “One of every two people are inventors, and those inventors who become successful, are those who are serious about taking the next steps in the inventing process, and investing the time and energy necessary to succeed. Being an inventor is hard work. The easy part is the inventing. The difficult part is collecting resources and innovating solutions leading to exploitation and revenue generation.”

MORE Advantage provides the innovative inventor with valuable resources and assistance to profit from their invention. MORE Advantage is ideal for the inventor who wants to control the process of inventing, control the costs of inventing and for the inventor who wants to profit from his/her invention without giving away “the Store!” Using many of our resources will save the innovative inventor lots of money, time and aggravation.

Remember … Doing it yourself doesn’t mean you need to do it alone.

Inventor Assistance Advantage includes pre- and post-patent services.

Pre-Patent Services include:

  • Invention/Idea Assessment.  Get expert advice on whether you should proceed with your invention.  Learn whether or not your invention is “good enough” to make it.  Cost ranges from $295 to $595, and can be done in person or via telephone/internet.  Becoming a successful inventor is hard work and well worth it if your idea/invention has merit.  Learn now before wasting time and money on something that may just be a “good idea.”
  • Prototype Development.  Also known as proof of concept.  Before you proceed with a patent filing, it is incredibly important to prove to yourself (and others) that your invention/idea works, or for that matter, can be manufactured.  With a working/functioning prototype the patent filing process is also much easier.  Cost depends on who makes the prototype.  We prefer you make it, however we own a full machine shop and we can assist you or just offer suggestions.
  • Patent Search/Analysis/Strategy.  Full patent search and analysis of your invention as it relates to similar previously patented inventions.  An invaluable pre-patent service, the Patent Search does several things … (a) searches issued and pending patents to determine if your idea/invention is already patented or pending patent;  (b) provides insight into how your idea/invention can be enhanced/improved to become patent worthy.  This information also provides input for your patent attorney (or yourself) in better definition of claims increasing patent value; and (c) provide pre-patent licensing options for an idea/invention that is currently patented.  Cost ranges from $995 to $1,295 and is accompanied with a full written report.
  • Patent Process.  Learn how to write and file your own patent … whether provisional or non provisional.  Learn what to include to increase value.  We can provide you with a workbook guide/template that will assist you in writing your own patent.  If you prefer to use a patent attorney, we can help you find one and how to write a patent application specification to control patent writing and filing costs.  Costs range from $100 to $500 or more depending on the extent of help we provide.  Request a Quote.
  • Online Coaching.  This service is available as a pre-patent and/or post-patent service.  Can be limited to online only, or a mix of online and phone/personal visits.  Service is subscription-based and can be canceled at any time.  Online only cost $125 set-up plus $49.95 per month.  Online/Phone/Visit mix costs more and varies by your requirements.  Click here to subscribe.

Post-Patent Services include:

  • RoadMap.  Detailed step-by-step instructions for licensing or manufacturing a product or service based on your pre-filed (or issued) patent.  Cost ranges from $995 to $1,895 and depends on complexity.  The deliverable is a detailed report and graphic defining steps, contacts, resources for the innovative, do-it-yourself inventor.  If you seek future involvement or partnership, the RoadMap is a prerequisite.  With it, we understand your invention, potential market, and our investment.  RoadMap includes 3-month coaching on defined steps.  Extended coaching is also available.Additional services depend on your election to proceed with licensing and/or manufacturing focus.  Click here for additional RoadMap information.
Licensing Focus Manufacturing Focus
  • Licensing Strategy Assistance
  • Entrepreneurism
  • Licensing Sales Leads – Good source for qualified licensing buyers
  • Business Plan – How to convert RoadMap to Business Plan
  • Negotiation Assistance/Coaching – Learn best method to present and Close a licensing opportunity. Direct assistance available.
  • Product Development – Product Manufacturing, Costs, Markups, Contracting, Options
  • Licensing Contract Design – Learn which elements need to be included and how to create a winning Licensing Agreement. Direct assistance available.
  • Product Test Marketing – Get your product into hundreds of stores within 2-3 weeks. Instant customers. Great tool to attract quality venture capital.
  • Royalty Management – Learn how to assure payment and manage other opportunities. Direct assistance available.
  • Venture Capital – Present & Attain venture capital

… and much more services available to achieve greatest return on investment.
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